Songs of the Sea

[Singapore] 11 – Sentosa: Songs of the Sea

Ngantrinya boooo… Saya dateng ke sini jam 6:45an dan ngantrinya dah panjaaang banget buat show yang jam 7:40. Pertunjukan air mancur, laser, lampu, dan kembang api ini main tiap hari jam 7:40 dan 8:40PM, masing-masing 25 menit. Tiketnya SGD6 per orang, dijual mulai jam 9 pagi di Sentosa dengan sistem first-come-first-served. Selamat ngantri yah :p

Songs of the Sea

Songs of the Sea (click for more pics)

Foto-foto diambil sekitar jam 7:40 dan 8:40 di deket Fountain Gardens. Dari
Songs of the Sea is a stellar combination of technology, imaging and live characters. Lights, lasers, fire effects and water jets create a stunning visual feast together with striking computer images projected on giant water screens. The attraction is unique because there are no barriers between the show and the natural elements.

The centerpiece of the show is a specially built 120m long kelong (fishing village in Malay) structure. The structure itself is a work of art wherein it truly resembles original Asian fishing village huts. Using modern inflammable materials, it is built to withstand roughest of weather conditions including strong winds, waves and high tides.

The different technological elements of Songs of the Sea that make it a not-to-be-missed extravaganza include a 40m high giant water screen flanked by two slightly smaller water screens, 69 water jets reaching as high as 40m, flames leaping up to 20m and lasers using the latest diode technology. The most remarkable logistics aspect of the show, however, is the daily display of pyrotechnics. The attraction will run two shows every night, 365 days a year. The open-air styled viewing gallery can comfortably seat 2,500 visitors. Each show lasts 25 minutes.

Songs of the Sea has been created by world-renowned and internationally acclaimed Yves Pepin, Founder and President of ECA2, a company recognized the world over as one of the most experienced international teams for conception, creation and production of multimedia shows. Yves also designed the permanent nightly show at DisneySea Tokyo.


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